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The Vofo is a tapered quarter wave tube(TQWT), sometimes referred to as a Voigt Pipe. The design stems from the original work and patent of Paul Voigt in 1934. In his designs Voigt showed that the lower frequencies of a loudspeaker unit could be augmented by adopting a tube whose length was related to the wavelength of the frequencies in question and which presented the optimum load to the unit. In practice the recalcitrant and tricky lower frequencies could be coaxed into responding more loudly or efficiently and bringing them closer to the response of the higher frequencies. The net result of this is a more even response over the entire frequency range.

The combination of efficient cabinet with one of the most efficient full-range speaker units available results in a loudspeaker with breathtaking dynamics and precise stage placement. This efficiency makes this loudspeaker entirely suitable for amplifiers with an output from 1 to 10 watts. The physical size of this loudspeaker give it the versatility to take on all comers. It is equally at home with delicate acoustic work, intimate jazz, or Stravinsky at full volume.

Constructed entirely using the best 18mm Baltic Birch plywood these cabinets are designed to minimise any vibration or resonance. Being a quarter wavelength pipe there is nearly 2 metres of tube and radius waveguide to process the wave from the back of the speaker unit, and this needs firm control to prevent unwanted vibration. This firm control is achieved by adopting a solid build, utilising all traditional rabbett and housing joints. The combination of high quality full range driver, narrow baffle, rounded edges and solid build give this loudspeaker the ability to image like few others available at this time, or price point.

To enhance the appearance the use of mahogany trim can be found on all panels to give the HMA 'in-house' framing effect.

Please note that the Vofo model is no longer a stock item and will be built to order in future. As a consequence there will be a possible 2 week delay between order and delivery.

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* Nominal Impedance: 8 Ohms
* Nominal Power: 20 Watts
* Maximum Power: 40 Watts
* Sensitivity: 96 db/1w/1m
* Dimensions: 1220mm(h)x250mm(w)x305mm(d)
* Weight: 32kg

Driver manufacturer's frequency response

driver mls

Loudspeaker frequency response (in-room with average furnishing)

driver mls

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