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What it's all about

The simple idea behind Hand Made Audio is to provide a range of high quality, high efficiency loudspeakers that address the requirements of low power, high quality amplifiers. By and large this description should conjure up an image of a low power valve amplifier, or possibly a small class A solid state amplifier. If it does then you are looking in the right place. These simple, but exacting requirements seem to have been overlooked by a number of mainstream loudspeaker manufacturers.

Our loudspeakers are completely built by hand, each part individually cut and jointed. There is no machinery involved and absolutely no mass production of any kind. The designs are all totally original and owned exclusively by Hand Made Audio, although the inspiration for them will be found in the work of the great audio pioneers from the 1930s and 40s. Our models employ modern, full or wide range drive units of the highest quality, some of which are now augmented by high frequency units to assist in the areas where the wide-range units are not at their strongest. It has been our experience to find that most listeners are shocked at the clarity when first auditioning loudspeakers with full or wide range drive units, both by the clarity and the precise imaging.

The combination of traditional tooling , traditional working practices, and modest premises allows for negligable overheads. We believe this philosophy results in the highest quality product and represents the last word in value for money.

Hand Made Audio products benefit from more than 30 years of cabinet making experience, and even more years involved in making and recording music. Benefits that result in pieces of furniture of a calibre that only traditional workmanship can achieve. More importantly, the audio capabilities are marked by adherence to high efficiency design methodologies which have been lost to a large extent with the introduction of high powered solid state amplifiers. Final designs have been arrived at by empirical methods and are the result of many cycles of listening and adjusting. We firmly believe that the frequency response graph does not necessarily identify the best sounding loudspeaker. Although computer measurement and testing is employed, at Hand Made Audio the final arbiter of a good design is a pair of human ears. In this respect it should be your ears.