Historically Vitalstates were Independent I.T Consultants specialising in:

  • Technical software development and support
  • Local Government systems
  • GIS and address based systems(BS7666)
  • Business Analysis and Project Management(PrinceII)
  • Database Design
  • Producing and managing invitation to tender(ITT)
  • Data porting and migration to implement new systems
  • Business process reorganisation in corporate environments
  • Major project management for new systems implementations

More recently:

During, and since the mainstream IT involvement, spare time has been spent in many areas, mainly in things related to music or cabinet making. For a brief period, 2008 to 2014, Vitalstates pursued a commercial loudspeaker endeavour, trading as Hand Made Audio(hma). Loudspeakers are still made periodically for individual requests. This site is now a record of time spent investigating these things.