We believe the best place to learn French is in an environment of support, encouragement and positive praise. This is why all our activities are thoroughly thought out to create fun, motivation and a feeling of self-achievement for all involved.

Our sessions are very active and promote physical coordination with a sense of rhythm. Many tasks require the children to interact with each other (dancing etc).

All the tasks cater for different types of learners, such as kinaesthetic, auditory and visual. Every child's personality fits in. If they are timid, they can join in the class and be a voice amongst the group. If they are confident they will be given a chance to perform tasks on their own.

Resources during lockdown

French made fun for infants in the Humberside area.

Learning French by singing, dancing, and participating in games and group activities to stretch young minds and challenge abilities.

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Our aim is to see happy children enjoying the Singing Teddies sessions and feeling proud of what they can do, whilst at the same time taking away something of educational value which may be of use to them in their future.