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Booking sessions

(Only applicable to nurseries)

The booking takes place every ½ term; The timetable for the sessions is very flexible and allows the choice of the following options:


If you wish to stop the sessions, as there is no contract, you just have to choose not to renew your sessions at the end of the ½ term booking.

We will always endeavour to provide a high quality service and to tailor our sessions according to the individual needs of each group. We are also always open to feedback and suggestions from staff and parents.

For venues other than nurseries

Please contact here or come direct to the advertised session(see Existing classes)

Special events

Special sessions

- The sessions follow the seasonal calendar and sessions near Easter or Christmas for example have seasonal features in them (such as special songs or special activities linked with the event)

- Special Happy Birthday song in French if a child has his/her birthday on the day of the session (wearing special hat)

Half day or full day event

In addition to the usual singing session, we provide the group of children with other activities linked to France:

School holidays

(Only applicable to nurseries)

You are totally free to stop the sessions during school holidays (including ½ term) if you wish. OR - You can choose to carry on with your usual booked sessions. - You can arrange special sessions or extra sessions for the school holidays.

Other options

It is also possible to book sessions for any groups of people meeting in any venue. For example: - We do some sessions for childminders meeting in children centres or church halls. - We can also go to your home (to celebrate a birthday, French theme day etc) - We also organise half days or full day events (see below).


Notes: (Only applicable to nurseries)