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Background of the singing teddies

Sandrine Bonnot, the leader of the team, is an experienced teacher who is a native French speaker. Sandrine has lived in England for the last 17 years and has taught French, Spanish and German in secondary schools for 13 years.

Alongside her teaching, Sandrine has been involved in international work for 10 years, organising trips abroad and dealing with children and staff from far off countries for the British Council.

Sandrine has always been interested in teaching younger children and over the years has gained a wide experience of teaching French and Spanish in various primary schools in the area.

In September 2012, Sandrine decided to use her teaching experience to start her own business and created "Les Nounours Chanteurs", the Singing Teddies, designed to teach French to children in nurseries.

However, very quickly, due to a growing interest, the classes have spread to other age groups and other venues. Now, our workshops are not only well established in the nursery community, but they are also developing ties to local primary schools, mums groups, and adventure fun places.

Finally, what better experience to teach French to children at nurseries and older children than having your own little 3 year old bilingual at home?

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