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Vitalstates are Independent I.T Consultants specialising in:

Most recent work has seen us involved in:

We have been at the forefront of designing, writing, and bringing integrated systems into the local government arena since 1984, focussing entirely on promoting the corporate data model. Experts in promoting awareness of the value of data that seamlessly migrates across departmental boundaries, and producing information where it is needed.


This part of the web site has morphed over the years from it's original commercial I.T. subject into the diy audio content that is now shown.

The following page used to contain various pieces of archaic software. These pieces of software have now been removed as they were mainly updated pieces of DOS software, or early windows programs, and really don't have any place in the 21st century.

If you were chasing something specific, which seems to have disappeared then please use the contact form to request it..nothing has been deleted

Airfoil plotting.

Recent interest has sparked the revival of the airfoil plot program which has now been completely rewritten in a simplified version.

The airfoil plot program(AFP) will display an airfoil plot on the screen and also render the plot on a standard printer. In addition, a recent update will now allow the airfoil thickness to be changed and viewed and also allow the comparison of up to 5 different airfoils on the screen. Printer calibration is now automatic. The program should print on any A4 size printer, and possibly larger printers, although nothing larger than A4 has been tested.

Printed plots are generated to the chord size input at print time.

The current program will only accept coordinate files in the Selig/Soartech format, although most airfoils would seem to be already available in this format.

A comprehensive library of airfoil coordinates is avalable in the Selig/Soartech format. Please copy and paste the following link into your browser address line in order to download the complete library in a zip file:


Click on the image to download the afp program(zip file).


A screen shot of the comparison facility.


An Algebra derivative with a 2.2m wing using RG15 wing profile printed with AFP.

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A 48" aerobatic design using an 'RAF30' section.

Ribs were printed on a standard inkjet using light card. Pages were then laminated before cutting. Spar positions can be individually measured on the plan and then marked on the printed ribs before laminating. The laminating makes it easy for tracing onto balsa and obviously preserves for any future use.

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